Zerina Phillip

Capturing Motion

Motions: Stillness, smile, laugh, cry and movement are some of our daily journey in life. We walk, run and sit amongst the living and the dead. A vast world we live in is ours for a time. I capturing as much of these motions through photography. This is my crossing: A moment behind the lens. Zerina Phillip

The Yellow Spike Ball

     Bare footed in the sand the boy kick the yellow spike ball that camouflage with some of the other colors on the beach. He kicks again, this time the ball went a little higher and fell back to the sand. He gazed into the distance and the other children pay no attention to the yellow spike ball, which lay waiting to be kick again.
          There he goes again, kicking the yellow spike ball over to the man selling the cotton candy. Up in the air the ball went. The boy raises his hand in command, but the yellow spike ball bounce towards the beach umbrellas.

By Zerina Phillip

(Photos Were Taken On The Island Of Trinidad in 2010)

(Source: wwwsimplifyingphotography.com)

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